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-porcine oligarchy-

everything is just so fucking wonderful
when you are at the top of every goddamn game in town and everyone just has to
drop and pay their tribute to
the big fat fucking empty suit
full of insurance receipts
fresh from some tour fucking children
snorting all your coke
off of a hooker's abused face
im sure the tears just make it sweeter
you ugly opulent pig fuck

god damn right
you get nothing

whining that you pay much more in taxes
on your profits than the poor who cant afford it
like you wake up every morning
and do fifty thousand dollars worth of work
you cant aknowledge all the human cost
because you have to sleep at night
and oh you cant abide by all these drug addicts
who dont have doctor prescriptions
cause they dont have a doctor in your free market solution
and all the while you chomp on your cigars
and drive your giant fucking car that blocks
my veiw in heavy traffic oh fuck i hope you get
every kind of cancer and go dancing off a cliff
into the sea of toxic bilge
you vomit out on us all you parasitic
fucking shitheap telling women
what to do with their own wombs
and judging from your ivory fucking tower
built by slaves now dead and gone

i am generally unhappy with the state of things

every goddamn fucking day of work
a single mother must endure because
of arrogant old boys who said that she could not abort
is one more reason not to trust
and one more reason not to give
and one more reason why I cannot rest
while all you fuckers

live and
laugh and
eat and
rape and
shit on everything thats beautful
and hide your racist bigot heart behind
some stupid fucking

t-shirt slogan oh you put a
hitler mustache on the president
arent you a clever fucking cunt
i bet you're bitter that your
fake cowboy is gone
and that the rodeo is done
and that on every single issue
you were wrong
everything must be so simplified
behind your tiny fucking eyes
its us and them and freedom fries
and semper fi
and fucking goddamnit all
purple monkey dishwasher
a (blurblurblbl) gah
ding dong diddly


from this is why we can't have nice things, released October 17, 2011



all rights reserved


because i hate your ears Los Angeles, California

Out of spite.

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