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-the last lion-

you failed
every last one of you failed
you failed him and now
he's gone

i curse the glass spines of the weak

just nothing you can say or do
will ever redeem you
holding out and shitting on the history he built

because he gave up half a century to give you a chance
to be useful for once in spite of yourselves

he was the rarest kind of you
a vertebrate
he wasnt the only one of us
to have regrets

now you're just goddamn flock of
cowards and shills and
worthless hollow husks of insubstantial
guilt and
i know you have your fucking pathetic
to consider every second every day
you fucking nothing

when will we grow up
and start acting like a
first world nation
every day we delay just makes us
murderers and cowards

what you dont know
could blacken volumes of pages
what you refuse
could save us all
make this one for the ages

all of my hereoes are dying
one by one

he stood before us and said
that the dream would never die
we cheered like we would help him
unless he knew it was all a lie

he was the rarest kind of us
a vertebrate
he wasnt the only one of us
who had regrets


from this is why we can't have nice things, released October 17, 2011



all rights reserved


because i hate your ears Los Angeles, California

Out of spite.

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