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-not today-

2 years since i had hope
2 years since i saw the sun

towers fall
and empires crumble with time
the hands of entropy are always at
the throat of human progress
and everything will fall to ruin

nothing left to save
and concern is gone from my eyes
i sigh and pretend i still care
watching all the dust
it marches onward and over
the city that is not there

i fade away
i fade away tomorrow

today i rise
today i face the blistering sun
and it tears at my face
my eyes have shrunken in my skull
i beat the odds too many times
and now they beat me down
and now i rise again
for want of anything better

i rise again
just like the day before
and will tomorrow

now i only breathe the smoke
of the old world
the old world dead and gone

you know
people change
and i am of a different mind
my eyes see all directions
and through all barriers
straight into thoughts of mountains

up and over
on and on
we march

mute in the face of eternity

never ending
heat it takes the best of us

i am the one who feeds you now

on and on
we march
so we dont admit we're lost

never ending
sound we thirst for silence


from this is why we can't have nice things, released October 17, 2011



all rights reserved


because i hate your ears Los Angeles, California

Out of spite.

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