this is why we can't have nice things

by because i hate your ears

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out of sheer spite


released October 17, 2011

all songs written and recorded by because i hate your ears
bass by josiah tobin
mixed and mastered by josiah tobin



all rights reserved


because i hate your ears Los Angeles, California

Out of spite.

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Track Name: messianic complex
burn it away
it stands between me and what is mine

dont you forget it

is it all you ever wanted to see
is it all over already

i never heard one word from you
i got a bullet in the head and then another
in the barrel fucker

i am your paralyzed halfborn brother
staring out your mothers womb I am
waiting for my spine to fuse
into something i can use
to cut my way out of here

burn it down

burn it all down
and i'll see you all in hell

I never had
all that you gave me
was a hole in my head
after you left me

and you will believe in me again

whatyougonna do about it
sitting on your fucking ass
i affect more in one night
than you have in your fucking life
and there's millions of people
all just walking above us
oblivious to the murder
that im comitting tonight

so scream all you want
just noisy meat to me
noisy meat i will devour

i need the blood
so i stay up all night

i feed the gods
and i know im right

come with me to a kingdom
of everlasting life
we will persist in holy light
and all shall be forgiven
Track Name: simian

if we ever lost our way I never knew it
i just followed you
if we ever walked in circles boy
i just watched the sun
i just watched the sunrise

all you ever were was useful leverage
crying for your money
i never bought your fucking handshakes
i reach for your throat when you outlive my interest

someone left a gun in my hand i better shoot it
i better break the mold of these golems
marching up and over the walls i built in my youth
i got a better defence now i'll show them all

all you so-called men are made of clay
will shatter at my words
Track Name: the last lion
-the last lion-

you failed
every last one of you failed
you failed him and now
he's gone

i curse the glass spines of the weak

just nothing you can say or do
will ever redeem you
holding out and shitting on the history he built

because he gave up half a century to give you a chance
to be useful for once in spite of yourselves

he was the rarest kind of you
a vertebrate
he wasnt the only one of us
to have regrets

now you're just goddamn flock of
cowards and shills and
worthless hollow husks of insubstantial
guilt and
i know you have your fucking pathetic
to consider every second every day
you fucking nothing

when will we grow up
and start acting like a
first world nation
every day we delay just makes us
murderers and cowards

what you dont know
could blacken volumes of pages
what you refuse
could save us all
make this one for the ages

all of my hereoes are dying
one by one

he stood before us and said
that the dream would never die
we cheered like we would help him
unless he knew it was all a lie

he was the rarest kind of us
a vertebrate
he wasnt the only one of us
who had regrets
Track Name: not today
-not today-

2 years since i had hope
2 years since i saw the sun

towers fall
and empires crumble with time
the hands of entropy are always at
the throat of human progress
and everything will fall to ruin

nothing left to save
and concern is gone from my eyes
i sigh and pretend i still care
watching all the dust
it marches onward and over
the city that is not there

i fade away
i fade away tomorrow

today i rise
today i face the blistering sun
and it tears at my face
my eyes have shrunken in my skull
i beat the odds too many times
and now they beat me down
and now i rise again
for want of anything better

i rise again
just like the day before
and will tomorrow

now i only breathe the smoke
of the old world
the old world dead and gone

you know
people change
and i am of a different mind
my eyes see all directions
and through all barriers
straight into thoughts of mountains

up and over
on and on
we march

mute in the face of eternity

never ending
heat it takes the best of us

i am the one who feeds you now

on and on
we march
so we dont admit we're lost

never ending
sound we thirst for silence
Track Name: surrounded

all we ever do is just go
round and round
and time after time
it all comes back to
who thinks who just has the more open mind
as if we'd even talk if it all was subjective

i have often wondered
what its like to live in your world

without fact and without reason
you are alone forever

grow child im waiting
to hear something adult come from your
mouth and I know
its gonna be a long damn time
this is so frustrating
nonsense is the currency of a bankrupt mind

and so if you know something that i dont
know then why can you not show me any
evidence that it is not imaginary
oh but i guess shit you made up
qualifies as knowledge in your
cross eyed backwards fuck all of a
twisted life philosophy

do you really think you're wise
do you really think you've grown up as far as you
can grow

you've got a long way to go
sometimes i wonder if youll ever get there

all my patience
just not to strangle you
hear the silence
and wallow in my contempt

i every wanted
was to speak of simple truths that bind
now im dying
my body burned from the inside

tell me something you know
and give it every last ounce of thought
even if it hurts to accept

child im waiting
i aint got all day goddamnit
so frustrating
all i can do is sit here with my

red and pounding
and punch the television
one day i'll find you
and make you feel my pain

everyone around me
is a god damn meat robot
lacking focus

takes all my patience
just not to strangle you
and hear the silence
and wallow in my contempt

everyone around me
is a god damn meat robot
closing in
and infecting me with
all their stupid fucking mouths
Track Name: birth mechanism
-birth mechanism-

its made of her
what makes you think that she should
need your permission
you want to use her
for fetid progeny
but once its born
you run away

it takes her blood and gestates within her body
we still refuse to concede possession to her
as if we always owned her inside and out
atavistic contentions from our ignorant past
and even as she suffers what she could not foresee
scripture justifies rank misogyny

to life
to her alone

to life
she owes
to no one

and its not your goddamn baby
its not your goddamn body
and i dont see you lining up
to adopt whatever comes out of her
sickening this insistence
on obligations affixed to
a uterus and embryo
sacrifices demanded
to satisfy
your fetish for the unborn

all of this
at the expense of only her
and no one else

and we judge from an ivory tower

all throughout the
sordid history
of sad humanity
the woman has been
subject to the
whim of all the men around
her and now if you fucks
have your way
we will never see
the day when
a woman is worth more than
just a birth mechanism

fucking thing
is constructed of
nothing but her cells
and in your arrogance
you think that she must owe you
the next generation
of crying puking men

she doesnt owe you shit
least of all her pain
Track Name: absolute

with two deafening shots
both halves of the world split apart
and crumbled away
now my

in my hands
i lament all these grains of human sand
then i stand
narrow my eyes
at the sun
and hold
in my mind the last of my convictions

if there be no god
if there be no justice
then so be it
for i will be come as a god
embody what is right
i will be the absolute
incorruptable ideal

i will be an icon to fear

until my last bone breaks
and my heart fails my soul
and with my last breath on earth
I will champion the wretched

the promise that i made
in the night i was alone
for the first time
I go to my grave on my own

until then
the wicked
shall know their harbinger of ruin
by its shadow

all i have now
is my fight
no nothing ever changes
determination will carry me through
until the day that i die
Track Name: inundatia

i dont fucking care
if im the last of my kind
try to cite my regrets
but nothing comes to mind
you will recieve no respect
and there can never be peace
your ashes rain down on us
as you burn
you will be met with a list
of your failures
you come from ashes so
to ashes return

we come to take you down
we come to take what's ours

suffer beneath the waves
our hands
will take back what your mouth has stolen
struggle against the flood
you look down on us for far too long now
youll know what it is to fight

we all are one-man nations
all islands in a river

and in this insurrection
no quarter shall be given

we can't trust anyone anymore

that time has
to cut
the hands off all the thieves among us
pay in flesh for grievences uncountable now
all that you have
you stole its obvious to all
how much you owe
and how much we will take from you now

we shall arise

arise and reclaim
arise and take it all back

we can't trust anyone anymore
the time has come for murder
Track Name: porcine oligarchy
-porcine oligarchy-

everything is just so fucking wonderful
when you are at the top of every goddamn game in town and everyone just has to
drop and pay their tribute to
the big fat fucking empty suit
full of insurance receipts
fresh from some tour fucking children
snorting all your coke
off of a hooker's abused face
im sure the tears just make it sweeter
you ugly opulent pig fuck

god damn right
you get nothing

whining that you pay much more in taxes
on your profits than the poor who cant afford it
like you wake up every morning
and do fifty thousand dollars worth of work
you cant aknowledge all the human cost
because you have to sleep at night
and oh you cant abide by all these drug addicts
who dont have doctor prescriptions
cause they dont have a doctor in your free market solution
and all the while you chomp on your cigars
and drive your giant fucking car that blocks
my veiw in heavy traffic oh fuck i hope you get
every kind of cancer and go dancing off a cliff
into the sea of toxic bilge
you vomit out on us all you parasitic
fucking shitheap telling women
what to do with their own wombs
and judging from your ivory fucking tower
built by slaves now dead and gone

i am generally unhappy with the state of things

every goddamn fucking day of work
a single mother must endure because
of arrogant old boys who said that she could not abort
is one more reason not to trust
and one more reason not to give
and one more reason why I cannot rest
while all you fuckers

live and
laugh and
eat and
rape and
shit on everything thats beautful
and hide your racist bigot heart behind
some stupid fucking

t-shirt slogan oh you put a
hitler mustache on the president
arent you a clever fucking cunt
i bet you're bitter that your
fake cowboy is gone
and that the rodeo is done
and that on every single issue
you were wrong
everything must be so simplified
behind your tiny fucking eyes
its us and them and freedom fries
and semper fi
and fucking goddamnit all
purple monkey dishwasher
a (blurblurblbl) gah
ding dong diddly
Track Name: known unknowns
-known unknowns-

we walked for days
through desert dunes
and over rocky shores
through godless cities
where gypsie queens
adorned our open sores
before these never sleeping
ever watching eyes
they pierced the blackened wind
obscure our cuts with
buzzing, singing flies

now you cant tell me
who loved you best
you cant tell me
you stand there
weightless now
and try to
take me down
you'll fail
and fall away from me

we fought with icy images
engraved in glaciers
slowly carving
mountains from the seas of glass
we traced along their shadows

now you cant tell me
who loved you best
now you have nothing
nothing for me
now you cant tell me
who deserves to rest
after all we've slept
you'll just forget about me

at least i still have my eyes
my hands and my lungs
and i breathe and i construct
my own gods
and then i break them down again
just to watch them die
just to watch them die

after you wasted my thought
i cant go with you now
so leave
and so you will see
that even the misery
is precious to me